End of the first week in 2022

Josh burger
2 min readJan 9, 2022

Hello everyone, It’s officially the end of the first week in 2022. I’m feeling super confident coming into the new year as a software engineer. At this moment I'm currently still waiting on hearing back from my second interview. I had my second interview on Thursday, the 6th, and hoping to hear back sometime next week. From what I experienced, I thought I did really well during the interview and really hoping to land this position as an RoR Developer. I had another interview with vanguard the same day as the other interview. I received the rejection from vanguard and it's a little upsetting but at the same time, it allows for me to still land a position with a company that will value my skillset.

In the meantime, while I wait on applications coming in, I’ve been really just trying to keep learning new things as well as keep working on the skills I have already obtained. Last week I started on a new project that I would like to deploy by the end of January. It’s my own blogging application that I built using full ruby on rails. The application will have the ability to have user sessions and follow other users' blogs as well as full CRUD capability when dealing with a single blog. This application will be another one I can add to my resume and I can’t wait to show it off.

I’m also still working on the DevLaunchers team. So far we're looking at having our basic MVP released by the end of January. I just finished setting up the backend with other team members and testing API endpoints to make sure we can use full CRUD capabilities. I’m super excited to be a part of an amazing team and be a part of the release. Next week I'm going to be working on the frontend functionality to make sure everything is ready to go by the end of January.

I’ll keep everyone in the loop of my journey to still landing my first software engineer position. Happy New Year everyone!