Created My First Portfolio Website

Josh burger
3 min readDec 5, 2021

Hello if you follow me, you will see that I talk a little about my journey and stuff that I learn throughout the weeks. If you just started seeing my posts, I'll introduce myself. I am a full-stack software engineer, I graduated from Flatiron School and this is the first portfolio I created since then. I’ve created 2 projects as well since graduating. If you would like to know more throw a follow! I post blogs weekly.

This week has been a very successful week when it comes to working and being able to have more experience behind me when job searching. This week I finally took on the challenge of building my first portfolio website to display my experience and my capability of using skills I learned. I waited a little longer on my portfolio because I was really debating on creating my portfolio or using a template like every engineer usually chooses.

I finally decided that I would like to use my creativity and design my own portfolio the way I would like it. I took the extra time out and wrote out my portfolio from scratch using the following tech: HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap. Not using a template allowed me to really dive into CSS and Bootstrap. Working on my portfolio also really brought out the skills that I have been learning and working with. I would personally make a portfolio any day over using a template because it's super exciting knowing that what you created you can now show off to everyone. I felt like using a template was cheating or not really my code. I also felt like I was using something I can't explain yet.

I created my portfolio and deployed it to Github pages. After deploying it I decided to make a post on LinkedIn to get everyone's opinion and feedback on my website. Everyone told me the site looked great and I could tell that I'm getting a little more volume from people with having a portfolio to show off now.

With the Feedback I received from Linkedin, I realized that I should have actually created my portfolio using the skills I developed in school. With having learned a bunch of new skills including Ruby and React, I could have built my portfolio using a basic “Ruby-Web crawler”. I took this into account because it is true; that I can create a Ruby on Rails portfolio but I decided to build it with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap because I felt like I needed more learning within those areas.

If you would like to check out my portfolio I have the link here:

As always I'm open to feedback!