Another Month Down

Josh burger
2 min readDec 20, 2021

Another month it’s been since I've updated on my job search. With the holidays coming up everything has been kinda staying afloat. I’m super happy with the progress that I’ve been making so far this year.

With Christmas next weekend, I can't be happier than to slow down and take some time out for the family. I’ve been grinding way too hard for a position the last few months and starting to see more results, but I need a little break from applying and learning. After the Christmas holidays, I plan on coming back stronger than EVER to land my first software engineer position.

A little bit of what I’ve been up to lately is just learning and applying to all types of different jobs. This last month I’ve been able to really drill in my HTML5 skills along with my CSS skills(flexbox!). I’ve also been spending 1–2 hours of my day each morning studying algorithms on AlgoExpert and Hackerrank. I’m certainly not the best at algorithms what so ever but I know I am getting 1% better each day by consistently studying and perfecting my craft. Lastly, I’ve been taking assessments for companies and a few coding technical challenges, but not hearing much back yet. Possibly because of the holidays.

Coming into next month I plan on Upping my Javascript/React skills along with my Ruby on Rails. I’m planning my next big project to showcase on my new portfolio and resume. This should allow me to push myself even further and closer to landing a position, also keep my skills up to date and sharp.

You all will keep hearing from me throughout this tough, stressful, exciting journey. But in the meantime ill keep my head up and keep GROWING. For everyone that reads my blogs thank you.