Almost an offer for first SE position

Josh burger
2 min readJan 31, 2022

This week has been my most successful week yet while on my journey to land my first software engineering position. I had 4 interviews scheduled this week and heard back from a company I’ve been waiting to hear from. All in all, I'm super excited that things are really moving forward.

The first interview I had was super quick, I felt really confident going into the interview. It was for a full-stack SE position, remote. I’m hoping to hear back from them for a second interview. The second company was a phone call which led to a second interview with the person who would be training me during the program. This company is looking to hire software engineers and train them for 7–8 months into the software that they use. I would then receive a promotion after the training is over, also the pay is really nice and around the range, I was hoping for.

The last 2 interviews that were scheduled for this week got rescheduled for Monday and Tuesday next week. I’m also really excited about both of these positions. One of the positions I would get to use my favorite stack to code with(Ruby on Rails). In the second company, I would be a technical coach for another BootCamp! It would be really awesome to be able to have an opportunity to teach others how to code and be a part of their career path to becoming a software engineer like I am.

This week the company I have been waiting for reached back to me telling me that they want to bring me on board, but first I need to complete a little project so that they can see the progress and how I code. I’m super excited about the opportunity but not too excited until I receive the offer letter. That’s the bread and butter is an offer letter, set and stone.

I’ll keep everyone up to date next week on how all of my interviews went, and hopefully be writing a blog on landing a job!