After Holiday Grind

Josh burger
2 min readJan 1, 2022

Hello everyone, It’s officially 2022, and Happy New Year! This year I have a lot of plans in store and still grinding for my first software engineer position. I’ve had a lot of fun over the week spending a lot of time with the family. I'm looking for a lot more to do in the future of my career as a software engineer.

This past week I’ve had a lot of progress towards my goal of landing my first tech position. I had 2 scheduled interviews back to back on Monday morning to kick start my week off right. Both of the interviews went extremely well and I'm super excited to announce that I will be invited to a second-round interview for the company I really want to work for. I am truly so excited but super nervous at the same time. I also have been really connecting with a lot of people on LinkedIn and just involving myself in the coding community a lot.

I got the email on new years eve that I was being invited to the second interview. A couple of days before I told my wife I'm really hoping for the second interview because it's what we truly need at this time. My second interview will be scheduled for next week, and the time couldn't be any slower!

I’ll keep you guys in the loop as I always do! Hopefully, next week I can write a blog about how the second interview went with the company and come back with some feedback.

For the rest of my time till I have to take my interview I will continue to keep studying DS&A’s and ruby on rails. I hope everyone had a great New Year and I'm looking forward to updating everyone next week!